Choices: Together

I am, because We are

A series of community based programmes rooted in providing pastoral care to one another, reducing loneliness & isolation through listening, understanding and compassion.

Adult Learning

For so many reasons, our life can often pass us by in a flash, and we look back realising that we have not had the opportunity to learn as we perhaps would have done.

There is no shame in that.

We are never to old to learn.

So, whether you need support, encouragement, advice or guidance in reading, writing, maths or any other form of learning, Choices are here to support you.

COGGS - Choices Old Geezers & Gals Society

In deference to the wonderful Sir Terry Wogan, Choices are bringing COGGS to life!

Coffee Mornings, Afternoon Tea, Walking Groups, Knit & Knatter..........the list can go on.

The important thing is that nobody in our Community is forgotten.

The elder statesmen and women in our community are a vital source of history and heritage, as well as being bundles of energy, enthusiasm and passion for the community.

COGGS will harness that, and bring it together for the benefit of all

Educational Support

Are you a parent, grand-parent, Aunt, Uncle or Carer?

Have you been faced with that eternal question.........please can you help me with my homework, my reading, my project......?

No two children's education pathways are the same, and each one will face challenges at some point along the journey.

If you need support for any child in your life with any part of their learning and development, please get in touch.

Where any identified needs may require the support of specialist agencies, we will be there with you, continuing to provide our advice and guidance, never leaving you on your own.

Ending Isolation

The necessary enforcement of restrictions during the global pandemic has highlighted a huge area of need in our communities - isolation.

Nobody should be on their own. Nobody should have to spend days, weeks, often months without any conversation, visits or interaction.

Choices are committed to ending isolation within our community.

If you, or someone you know is on their own, and would like some company, a hand in the garden, the occasional visitor or phone call, please let us know.

Our programmes will not only create opportunities for people to come out and meet others, but we will provide for those who are unable to venture out, for whatever reason.

Together, let's build a community army of Inclusion Soldiers, stamping out isolation and loneliness in our neighbourhood.

To let us know of anyone who is currently isolated, or to become an Inclusion Soldier, please Contact us

Food & Nutrition

Let's begin by saying that Choices is exactly that, it's all about having the choice!

So, we won't be telling you to eat one way or another, we won't be telling you to cut out this food or eat more of that food; and we certainly won't be telling you that you need to break the bank to eat each week!

We will provide support and advice for YOU, to suit YOUR situation, YOUR goals and objectives.

With our list of partners, we can assist with;

  • Eating on a Budget
  • Feeding a Growing Family
  • Post Surgery Recovery
  • Eating for Fitness
  • Allergies
  • Fussy Eaters

And much more

Just Contact us and let us know how we can help YOU

Health & Well-Being

Living healthy does not mean having to run a marathon every day; eat like a sparrow or live like a monk!

It's about getting balance in your life, remembering that we work to live, not live to work.

It's about enjoying our surroundings, our family and friends, our beautiful countryside.

Choices will be able to provide plans, opportunities and ideas for individuals, families or groups.......and if there is something that you would like to see us providing, then why not let us know and help to set it up.....For Community - With Community - By Community

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care programme is based upon the ancient model of emotional, social & spiritual support that is found across the world, through the centuries and within all cultures and traditions.

It is a distinctly Non-Religious form of support, but extends to the support of religious communities too.

We are inclusive of all faiths, and those of no faith.

Our door is not shut to anyone.

We will not walk by on the other side of the road at any time.

Our Pastoral Support team is led by a Multi Faith Chaplain who is cross denominational, with extensive experience of working within communities over the past 35 years.

Whether you need support and assistance with a funeral, a listening ear, or just a cup of tea our Pastoral support will be here for you.

Please contact;


Work, Workplace, Jobs & Training

Finding a first job, or returning to the workplace can be a daunting experience, whether we are 16 or 76

Choices aim to help the process by;

Providing 1-2-1 support, including FREE Online Qualifications

Understanding your dreams and aspirations

Writing your CV

Preparing people for interviews

Organising events with employers, colleges, training companies

Helping with interview and / or training needs

Signposting local people to local jobs

Whether you are an individual, a local employer, a training facilitator, we would love to hear from you.

Please Contact us with your details and information as to how we can help.

Also check out our recreational sports partner to see our activities, including Football 4 Jobs weekly sessions (see our Partner Page)

Young People

We were all young once? Weren't we?

Whilst we sometimes forget that as we grow older, it's something that we can't escape from; and were we really much different to youngsters today?

Didn't we cry out to be listened to? To be understood?

Choices will give everyone a voice, including young people.

We will provide;

Youth Clubs

Training Programmes

Sport & Recreation

Educational & Employment Support

Mental Health Support


There has to be UNITY within a COMMUNITY

If you are a person aged 21 or younger, please Contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved, how we can help and what you would like to see.

This is your community too