Choices: Support

Nobody should be alone


Feeling isolated, alone and without support is the most horrifying feeling.

We know, we've been there too.

We've been taunted, we've been vilified, we've been cheated and pilloried; and in many cases, we're still experiencing it.

Our Counsellors are not only trained experts in their field, but draw upon their own personal experiences to help others.

We don't take our answers from a book, or from a checklist. We take our counselling and advice from you, because no two people are the same, no two people have been through the same situation; so we will always put you first, and always do our best to understand you.

It's when people ASSUME in life, that they make an ASS out of U and ME

To contact our Counsellor, please email or use the Contact page.

All contact remains confidential and in accordance with legal and ethical processes.

Mental Health

Mental Health is one of the single greatest issues facing our society now.

It is something that we don't like to admit, it is something we are ashamed of, it is something we are stigmatised and castigated for.

It is NOT a sign of weakness

Choices, through our Health & WellBeing programmes, our recreational partner programmes and our own Counselling service are available to support in all areas of mental health.

Any communications remain confidential, and we will walk with you every step of the way, 

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care programme is based upon the ancient model of emotional, social & spiritual support that is found across the world, through the centuries and within all cultures and traditions.

It is a distinctly Non-Religious form of support, but extends to the support of religious communities too.

We are inclusive of all faiths, and those of no faith.

Our door is not shut to anyone.

We will not walk by on the other side of the road at any time.

Our Pastoral Support team is led by a Multi Faith Chaplain who is cross denominational, with extensive experience of working within communities over the past 35 years.

Whether you need support and assistance with a funeral, a listening ear, or just a cup of tea our Pastoral support will be here for you.

Please contact;