Choices: Routes

There is always more than one way to reach a destination

Discovering, understanding and embracing the multiple and diverse pathways of faith, belief and spirituality within contemporary communities

Through the years, religion has been the cause of many arguments, warfare, occupation and considerable loss of life; but is this really what religion is truly about?

Is there a difference between religion and faith?

Imagine we're going on a journey, let's say from London to Edinburgh. Some of us may go by train, some may drive, some may fly. Those that drive may stop every 90 minutes for rest, someone else driving may only stop once for a comfort break before hitting the road again.

At the end of the journey, we have all reached Edinburgh. 

We may have reached the final destination in differing ways, but does that mean that one way was better than the other? If the car driver spent all the time arguing with the train passenger that the car was best, what would that achieve?

Perhaps if the car driver asked the train passenger about their journey, the car driver might understand a bit more, they may even be able to help understand their own journey a little more.

That's the world we live in, the life we lead.

We spend so long arguing and disputing with one another that our way is better than everyone else's that we forget to actually see the beauty and learning that is before us.

Religion is something that comes from humankind. It is a journey. Some believe one way, others believe a different way; but no single way is the right way. We all reach the same point in life.

Choices: Routes is designed to understand more about other journeys, other ways of life. To understand culture, embrace difference and to learn from one another.