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"Access to Law is a right, not a privilege"

Our qualified legal team can provide affordable legal assistance to and for the community advice for you, your family, neighbours, friends and colleagues in the following areas of English Law.

  • Civil
  • Contract 
  • Criminal
  • Family
  • Matrimonial & Civil Partnership
  • Tort
  • Wills & Succession

Where we are unable to provide the depth of support or where specialist legal advice is required, we will signpost you to one of our chosen partners, and will continue to walk with you every step of the way.

We will use plain English to help ensure that you understand every part of the minefield or maze that can often be perceived with English Law.

Access to Law is a Right, Not a Privilege

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals are the '4th arm of the Legal Profession'

A Paralegal is a person qualified through education and training to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures but who is not a qualified solicitor, barrister or chartered legal executive.

Those who hold a 'Licence to Practise' through NALP can also offer legal services directly to their own clients.

Qualified, trained and experienced Paralegals offer a less costly, but highly effective, legal support.


Interview Hourly Rate (0900-2000) - £20.00

Interview Hourly Rate (2000-0900) - £25.00

Letters / Emails / Telephone Calls Received: £3.00 per listed item

Letters / Emails / Telephone Calls Made: £4.00 per listed item

Document Drafting - £15.00 per hour

Travel Expenses: £0.35 per mile

Disbursements: As detailed and appropriate in accordance with Legal Practice Rules

Contact Details

Simon Young, Licensed Paralegal, Choices Legal

Telephone: 07747 666 649


Registered Office: 16 Rowe Ashe Way, Locks Heath, Hampshire, SO31 7EY

Governance Status: Choices Legal is a A Stags in the Community CIC Programme (10546446)

Choices: Legal

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Financial Advice

Almost all of us will experience money worries at some point in our lives, and it can be the most worrying, stressful and toughest time.

Firstly, there is no shame or embarrassment.

Secondly, we are never on our own, there are always people here to help.

Our Financial Guidance Counsellors are here to listen to you, to walk with you and to help support and guide you through.

With over 25 years of multi Award winning financial consultancy, wealth management & client relationship experiences, the Choices team are here for you, tackling each situation individually.

Please, don't let the worry and stress overburden you.

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